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About Us


Southern Orchards is owned and operated by the Thornburg family, in Mobile, Alabama. Chad’s desire to learn about produce farming and his need for a reason to contact, and potentially date, Jenny, led to his idea to grow satsumas. Chad’s mom and dad are row crop farmers and provided the much needed resources and labor to get this venture up and running. Jenny’s family would be the source he would turn to for advice and guidance on how to get started, given their knowledge and years of experience in produce farming. And so, contact was made…and the rest is history!


In January of 2010, work began on property passed down by Chad’s family that would be the home to our satsumas. Two months later, the first 100 trees were planted. Growth continued and we now have approximately 400 satsuma trees.


Our goal is to ship fresh satsumas the day we harvest, from our orchard to your home. Shop with us to place your order. Harvest usually starts in late October or early November. 


Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to hearing from you. 


Chad & Jenny Thornburg

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