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We want to share our farm with you.

Due to the high demand of online orders, our 2023 Satsuma U-pick is no longer available. Click this link to 'SHOP' our shipping options.  

Where are the harvest season hours?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

9 a.m. — 3 p.m.

Where are we located?

11000 Calvert Road

Mobile, AL 36608

What supplies do you need to bring?

$20 cash or debit/credit card


What supplies do we provide?

Clippers, bucket, and bags for your fresh-picked fruit


What does $20 get you?

One 5 gallon bucket of satsumas



Orchard Etiquette
Do not bring your pets. 

The Department of Agriculture doesn't allow pets in areas where food is grown or processed.


Do not wear your fanciest shoes or outfit.

Remember you are coming to a farm. We have grass, dirt, and other things of nature.

Dress accordingly ‘cause you may get dirty.


Keep an eye on the kids.

We anticipate traffic pulling in & out. Our visitors’ safety is important to us.

Bring your EpiPen if you are allergic to outdoor elements.

This is a farm. We have ants, bees, and other creatures that may like to bite or sting.


We assume no liability for injury.

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